Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Broadband atlast!!!

It might sound that I am living in stone age... I was using analog modem,dial up till now, but finally got Broadband connection at last. But its limited data.
Hope now I get time to post and surf something more frequently.
Take care fellas..

Monday, June 06, 2005

Books I read...

Yeps, I am writing after ages. For couple of months, I was really busy as my project went live and then, I was just plain lazy. Was thinking of writing about the books I read, but didnt took efforts of joting them down. When I saw a "new comment" in my mailbox, it reminded me of my blog, and so thought of making this post. Thanks Mr. Anonymous. :-)
This is the list of books that I have read in past few months (I am not sure if I have missed any name). Wish I had time and capability to write few lines about each book. :-(
If,anyone has some real good books, please lend them to me. I would keep them in good condition and also would return them back..he he. Or if would like to recommend some good books that you have read, please do so. I would be grateful.. :-)


1. The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho
2. Conversation with God Part 2 - Neale Donald Walsch
3. To kill a mocking bird - Harper Lee
4. Da Vinci Code - Dan Brown
5. Angels and Demons - Dan Brown
6. Love Story - Richard Bach
7. Deception Point - Dan Brown
8. Life of Pi - Yann Martel
9. Inscrutable Americans - Anurag Mathur
10. The Interpreter of Maldies - Jhumpa Lahiri
11. Tuesdays with Morrie - Mitch Albom
12. The monk who sold his Ferrari - Robin Sharma
13. The Broker - John Grisham
14. Hot Zone - Richard Preston
15. City of Joy -Dominique Lapierre
16. Digital Fortress - Dan Brown
17. Laughing Gas - P. G. Woodhouse
18. The Pilgrimage - Paulo Coelho (Didn't finish reading...)
19. The FountainHead -Ayn Rand
20. Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen (Reading for nth time :-) )

Sunday, February 13, 2005


I have been very busy with my work lately. And sadly, internet has been disabled in our office. We can't even access Google!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, no blog reads, not even updates on my blog.
I have been almost working 12 hours a day in last week.I had gone to office on Saturday and Sunday too!! Plus, almost more than 3 hrs of travelling and cooking etc etc.... In short.. too busy!! :-)
Oh yea, now that I remembered... let me wish everyone..
A very very Happy Valentine Day..
Wishing you all lots of love and happiness...
Ciao. .Me going back to my kitchen...

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Back.. from nowhere!!

I dunno why I didnt make any post in last 15 days or so... It wasn't a predecided break, nor was I extremely busy with anything. Its just that I didn't get a chance to write anything, and maybe didn't have any inclination.
I must have thought of writing about a lot many things, must have thought of writing when I was feeling good and also when I had hit the bottom. Couple of days back, I was in my worst moods and felt like writing a lot, but didn't get time.
Well, nothing great's happening in my life. Hmm, well somethings are different, but nothing worth mentioning.
He he. .I feel as if I am writing a mail to my buddy!!! ha ha ha
I have become a voracious reader, I bought lotta books this week when I had gone to town. I had gone to town after a real long time. I had gone with a group of my girlfriends(even this was after a long time), did some shopping, hogged and sat on Marine Drive, waiting for the sunset!!
I am at office and have got some work to do, but today's assignment is not that interesting, so thought of writing a post! :-)
Seems that everyone is either busy or lazy, there are not many updates on other blogs too!!
See you guys soon...

Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Got this forward mail yesterday. I liked what I read ;-)
I dunno how much of this would come true. But as I quoted many times before, I expect 2005 to be better year for me... he he

Scorpio in 2005
Scorpio, you can still expect changes - perhaps major ones - in your life this year, almost to the point of total transformation. While this is most apparent in the area of your career, you'll see it showing up in other important aspects of your life. Your life might take on an entirely new direction you've never dreamed of. You may also change your residence during the year. Whether you start the year as a single person looking for a partner, or you've been married for many years, happiness in love does lie ahead. Be prepared for new horizons. They may not be familiar, but they will be fascinating. Don't cling to the banks; instead, flow with the tide in 2005.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Can you?

Can you hate someone for ever?
I thought I can, I would.... But doesn't seem to be so easy.
I can never forget, maybe forgive, but nah, given my kinda memory, its impossible to forget!
I don't think I can hate someone for ever. Its just that I am realising that I need to live in present and hence I better not ponder over the past and abhor someone,irrespective of whether they deserve it or not.. I realised that I suffer the most because of all this, so its better that I alienate myself from those people, those incidents, those happenings!
Its a new year and would be bringing new things in my life.
So let me just smile, enjoying my present and trying for a better future!!
So guys, what up? I am planning to watch 'Swadesh' with my dad.
Its weekend, Saturday and I am at office, but no complaints. :-)
I need to plan out some menu for tomorrow's lunch, my brothers' friends are gonna come to my place....
Have a nice weekend guys, me getting back to my work!!!

Sunday, January 02, 2005

2004- The Year that Was !

I know its a little too late for this post, was planning to write it since quite sometime, but as always, didn't get time to do so. I had read this on Rebel's blog and wanted to write my own version. :-)

Your ‘high’ moment of the year.
- Quite a few high moments at the very start of the year, when I was basking in new hope and love.
- When I got a job at XYZ, but within few moments I realized that I was foolish enough not to bargain at all regd the pay package.
- Couple of good moments with my best buddy.

Your ‘low’ moment of the year.
- On my mom's birthday, when my dream, my love, my trust was shattered into pieces by a person whom I had always loved and trusted.
- The day my grandfather expired.

Faux pas/greatest regret.
- I regret trusting and believing a certain individual.
- I did a grave mistake of joining another company for a day or two and then coming back to my previous one :-)....

Something that got you 'almost famous' and nearly catapulted you into the Hall of Fame.
I am kinda an introvert person and has never achieved anything great as yet. So, I was never 'famous' or 'almost famous'.

The 3 things you wanted to do the most this year, and did!
- Change in job
- Gave Sun Certification exam

The 3 things you wanted to do the most this year, and couldn’t/didn’t!
- Clear my MGPT :-(
- Lose weight
- Change my demanding and possesive nature.
- Wanted to be with my best buddy, for all my life!

Number of resolutions you made for 2004. And how many you actually stuck to.
I never make any resolutions.

The list of cities/ places/ countries you visited in 2004.
Delhi and its other satellite cities

Your movie of the year award goes to...
The Terminal...
I didn't watch many movies, but yea among the few ones that I watched, I liked this one the best. And also a couple of animation movies :-)

A friend lost? A friend found? A friend made?
A friend lost- My best friend, who was my friend since 16 years!
A friend found- - Books. I had never been so close to them, as I am right now.
A friend made- - Many and I am happy about that :-). Totu, Tan, Dottie, Rebel and Deepthy, you guys are great!!!!

You will remember 2004 as the year…
Which took away a lot from me than what I got in return. But it taught me, life is much more that simple mathematics of addition and subtraction, it had taught me to 'move on'

The 3 things you really want to do in 2005.
-Clear my MGPT, if I ever give an attempt at it!
-Get married or engaged (I don’t want this, but people who love me wants this for me)
- Learn more Java technologies and give one more certification exam.

A set of 13 words that will be your keywords for 2005
-Learn from what life teaches and try to find my destiny!! :-)